De-duplication, how does it work?

entrilion comes with an automatic de-deplucation feature, ensuring that the same content is not uploaded multiple times.

To ensure that you are not uploading the same file multiple times, entrilion compares each file you are uploading with existing files. If a file already exist, the upload of that specific file will be cancelled.

This is done to ensure that each file is unique and that not unecessary space is occupied. 

Even if you give the file another name, entrilion will detect that the content is the same and cancel the upload of that file.

Duplicates have been detected

The upload dialog shows that duplicates have been detected during upload.

Should you want to refer to one file from different places in entrillion, you can simply link to the original file.

In the near future, entrilion will have an option for automatically creating links when duplicates are detected.


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