Data security

Securing your assets and information is of outmost importance to us. We are providing security in different layers, of which you can read more below.

entrilion's architecture has been modelled from the ground up with security in mind. This means, for example, that each group you are using is having its very own encryption.

If you have any questions regarding our security after you have read this, just contact us and we will answer your questions.


When you log in to entrilion, you will be using "multi factor authentication". This is a combination of your password and a pin sent to your mobile, or a separate hardware called Yubikey connected to your computer.


Data in transfer to and from entrilion is encrypted using secure TLS. This is standard for web applications today.


Once you are logged in, any data you store in the system is encrypted using strong AES-256 encryption. To access your data, keys are generated. These keys are stored in a separate key management system, Vault by HashiCorp. Access to the vault is not granted to any admins.

Data location

You can select the location for your data when you sign up. Our standard offering uses a EU location compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union. As a European, that means you no longer have the risk of insecure file sharing using services located outside of your jurisdiction. Learn more

Data backup

Data backups are kept geographically separated from, but in the same jurisdication as the production servers.

Quality standards

The datacenters are fulfilling all stringent security standards, including ISO 27001.