Working with notes and web links in entrilion

This tutorial video (22 minutes) will (1) walk you through creating and working with the powerful notes in entrilion, often replacing Word documents. You will learn (2) how to work with notes in collaboration with other team members. You will also (3) learn how to store web links to websites and how these links are automatically turned into PDF documents. Last but not least, (4) you will be getting the basics on keyword tagging and searching to easily find whatever you need.

In our first video tutorial, you learnt how to get going with entrilion, setting up your group and sharing content with a client.

In this second video tutorial on entrilion collaboration for creative teams, you will learn how to:

  • Create a note
  • Share a note with a colleague using @username
  • Use keywords with the hashtag (#) while typing
  • Edit notes and working with versions of notes
  • Do basic formatting of a note
  • Download a specific version of a note
  • Include images and videos into a note
  • Include existing content from entrilion into a note
  • Upload new content into entrilion while editing a note, linking to that new content
  • Pin a note to have it show before other items in a collection
  • Rate multiple items at once using the rating feature
  • Create sub collections and populate them with existing content
  • Remove collections on the fly without affecting stored content
  • Store web links to web sites and how the links are stored as PDF documents
  • Search for content in the newly created PDF documents using "full text search"
  • Search based upon keywords and titles
  • Store an email as a note, including all formatting and embedded images


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