Free trial plan

We offer three different plans (levels) and a free trial that provides enough space for a small team of up to five users to collaborate.

No credit card is needed to start the trial on the free plan.

Our paid plans

Our paid levels provide more space for larger teams:

  • Professional plan for up to 10 members and the
  • Business plan for up to 20 members
  • The highest level, Enterprise, is not limited to the number of users or space.

Monthly vs. annual billing

The Professional (10 users) and Business (20 users) are billed annually, whereas the Enterprise level is billed per user and month.

Can I upgrade to a higher plan later?

Yes. Upgrading to a higher plan is possible at any time. Any money left on the current plan is used for the new plan.

Can I cancel my paid plan at any time?

The trial plan can be cancelled with immediate effect.

Plans paid on a monthly schedule, can be cancelled at the end of a month with a thirty days notice period. If not cancelled, the plan and this contract will be renewed for another month.

Plans paid in full for twelve months, can be cancelled after twelve months. If not cancelled within thirty days after renewal date, the plan and this contract will be renewed for another twelve months.

How can I pay?

You can pay via credit cards or PayPal. 

Can I buy a license to run entrilion in my own, private cloud or on-premise?

Yes. We are offering licenses for companies that want to operate their own entrilion. Please contact us to so that we can discuss your requirements.